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Frequently Asked Questions About The Platinum Contouring Package:

How many treatments am I getting when I purchase the platinum package?
The platinum package that's currently available allows you to come into the office to try out one treatment with our machine to prove how amazing the results truly are!
How many office visits does the platinum contouring package require?
Everything that's included in the Platinum Package is all done on your very first visit into the office!  Most initial appointments take 45 minutes to an hour.
When do I book my appointment?
Our office is open most weekdays and some weekends depending on our schedule!  After claiming your platinum contouring package you'll be able to get in contact with our priority scheduling team (Or schedule online) to prepare for the visit into the office!
How many sessions does the average patient need to reach their goals?
Each patient is different because everyone's goals are different!  Some patients will require more sessions while others might only need a couple!  

The point of the Platinum Package is to make it so that you can come in, experience the treatment on your own, and then sit down with one of our team members that have been working with patients for years that will be able to make recommendations based upon the results from the treatment.
Do I need to wear anything special for my first appointment?
We recommend wearing loose fitting clothing to your appointment with undergarments on or if you feel more comfortable a bikini top and bottoms underneath.  Our team in the office will provide everything else required for the treatment in-office!